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I admit it, I’m hooked on ‘The Curse of Oak Island’…

November 4, 2015 Leave a comment

Curse of Oak IslandWhen I was kid in the 80’s, I read a book about Oak Island (sadly, I can’t remember the name, but here is good book on it’s history) and the “pirate” treasure buried in the money pit. The thought of searching for treasure that had to be there but no one could get to was so intriguing to me! How could men hundreds of years ago, with their simple tools and old technology, keep the searchers, with their modern technology, from reaching the treasure for so long?

So when The Curse of Oak Island show premiered on the History Channel came on a couple of years ago, I was immediately hooked. What was presented in the book as pirate treasure may actually be Spanish Treasure, Knight’s Templar Treasure, a UFO, who knows! It’s about the only TV show I look forward to these days (No, I don’t watch much TV…). And to find out that the new treasure seekers are from my home state of Michigan and became intrigued after reading about the island themselves in the 60’s just adds to the attraction!

As a marketing professional, I’ve noticed that as the show gains in popularity, the advertising advances with it. Check out this fun and informative advertisement for the show from the NY Times. It’s a great example of using new web design techniques and media partnerships to reach the right audiences while looking like an editorial.


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