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My take on the Lutz vs. Jalopnik CTS-V challenge…

November 6, 2009 Leave a comment
ctsv challenge

The Old, The Bold, and The Crazy (via Jalopnik)

A lot has been written about this, so I’m gonna keep this short and sweet.  As Mr. Lutz said himself, he was doing this for fun. The CTS-V won overall (yes, I know, driven by a professional driver), and Bob beat the Jalopnik driver (yes, I know the Mitsu Evo has 250+ less horsepower), but Bob was also beaten by an unknown driver in an M3, and several manufacturers with competitive vehicles pulled out.  But again I stress, it was for fun.

It may or may not turn into a marketing coup for GM, I don’t know.  It has turned into an internet marketing success, but will we ever see a commercial or print ad for it?  I doubt it.  GM legal would never, ever, ever want anyone to think it endorsed, in any way, shape, or form, ever, racing a CTS-V, even though GM produced a 556 hp sport sedan tested and refined on the ‘Ring.  Did I say ever?  But having been with GM marketing, I don’t think this was the point.  I think the point was that Bob Lutz put out a marketing challenge, lined up with a marketing tagline, for anyone to bring their best and see what it could do against the CTS-V. Jalopnik took the challenge, in a tongue in cheek kinda way, and took Bob up on it.  Again, this was a let’s have some fun and trash talk one another and see who wins kinda thing, not some plot for world domination by an evil corporate marketing team in an event skewed to the home team.  If your favorite car didn’t win, I’m sorry to hear that.  The event wasn’t rigged so your car couldn’t come and show up the Cadillac.  Next time volunteer your car and driving services like many other owners did and maybe the results will be different.  And may the best car win… 😉


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