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Detroit shoots itself in the foot. Again.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big fan of the city and love spending time in the ‘D’. I try to get my fellow suburbanites down to the city whenever I can, whether for sports, concerts, or dinner, I’m always pushing for Detroit. I want the city to succeed as much as anyone, but it seems like the city can’t stop shooting itself in the foot…

BMW in town for the North American International Auto Show stolen

Among all of the great news coming out of this year’s Auto Show, the one that seemed to get the most traction on Twitter was that one of the BMW’s used by executives in town for the show was stolen. My employer asked me to keep an eye on what was being said about this since, um, we had a vested interest in the theft and recovery. It seems like every single auto blogger and news outlet in the world carried the news. How many other non-celebrity owned car thefts in Detroit are reported in the Huffington Post? Or the Vancouver Sun?!? It’s not like this was the only BMW ever stolen, but it sure sounded like it. And our own local media was more than happy to keep throwing gas on the fire.

The national, and apparently international news media is more than happy to continue showing what a terrible, violent, and unsafe place Detroit is. But that’s not the reality. In the 12 years since I started working downtown, the city has made huge improvements with more on the way. There are more great bars and restaurants downtown than I can name and according to several reports, crime in downtown Detroit is lower than the national and Michigan average.

Ultimately, we’re responsible for the impression people from around the world have of our city.  Along with the work of many Detroit bloggers and the ever increasing number of groups engaged in making the city better, is for our own local news outlets to highlight the good happening in the city, not con


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