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It’s been a long time…

Well after a well deserved, and perhaps too long a break during the holidays, I have a few things I’ve been thinking about…

The first will be categorized as a random ‘rant’: Why is it that pretty much right after Halloween we start seeing Christmas items in stores, decorations on homes and businesses, and music on the radio, but a week after Christmas all of this stuff is gone, like the holiday never existed?  Like a holiday destroying bomb has gone off, removing every clue that anything ever happened.  Or maybe more like teenagers cleaning up after a party before their parents get home.  OK, I admit I do get a little sick of the 24/7 bombardment leading up to Christmas, but I do like the lights and decorations everywhere and honestly, some of the music isn’t ‘Christmas music’, it’s winter music.  Like Winter Wonderland, Jingle Bells, Baby it’s Cold Outside, etc.  These and many other songs have nothing to do with Christmas.  Why does everyone feel the need to quit winter cold turkey (no pun intended) as soon as New Years Day hits?

Living in Michigan where the winter days are cold and colorless, I like the way the festive lights and decorations brighten up the scenery.  I like the way neighborhoods come together to decorate common areas and show pride in their homes and communities.  I like the way people have more get together’s with family and friends scheduled than they can possibly attend.  Why does this have to go away so fast?  Are people just simply sick of it by then, or is it that the sense of ‘community’ is just a show?  I admit, I take my lights down when everyone else does and I stop playing the music, but I think this is probably more peer pressure than anything.  And I don’t put as much effort into seeing family as I do in December (which is a different story, but I digress…).  But wouldn’t it be great to continue this sense of pride, community and family all year?  ‘Cause after all baby, it’s still cold outside…

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